History of Granules


Granule is not a specific name of polymer, but the grainy form of polymer in Petrochemical which should be melted to be used. The polymer made is melted in a machine called extruder (something like meat grinder) and a cutter is set on top of the extruder to cut the output repeatedly and to create granules. Based on kinds of usage, level of viscosity, kinds of polymerization, etc. all types of polymer can be reformed to granules. Dependent upon the complexity of polymerization and other factors, the resulted polymer can be in shape of powder, solution, etc. The main purpose of production of polymers is to have a material with desirable properties. Having these desirable properties is dependent on various factors such as temperature, pressure, catalyst, etc. Surely, the polymer that is made out of the first time of melting and shaping is more desired than the recycled polymer with several times of melting. Some polymers keep their properties after several times of melting and shaping, but some others like polyvinyl chloride which is so used in door and window profile, tablecloth, sheet, cable, home furniture, etc. lose their desirable properties after being recycled.