Parand Eagle Company with high ability of exportation to neighboring countries has proudly appropriated a great portion of the exportation of the country.  
At the moment, all products are being exported to Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkey, Tajikistan, etc.



Link OptimaWrite™ business solution supports features that can transform commercial underwriting services and deliver critical business benefits:

Roll-out products faster and enter new markets with ease:

Shorten development cycles and improve time to market, allowing Commercial & Specialty carriers to rapidly roll-out new product offerings and enter new markets with ease.

Guided Underwriting:

Built-in and configurable underwriting rules and guidelines, analytics backed alerts and data driven insights to aid underwriters to differentiate good risks from bad, drive transparency and price consistently.

Configure and Manage Complex rating & pricing:

Onboard excel based raters and models and accelerate speed to market to roll-out and test new pricing models; modify and track existing models to stay ahead of competition.

Automate data extraction and validation:

Lower operation costs and reduce turnaround time while improving quality of submissions for agents and carrier underwriting operation teams.

Anytime, Anywhere access:

Tablet based access to drive quality, speed, accuracy and productivity in risk consulting operations.