Augmented Reality: A New Workforce Mobilization Paradigm

Augmented Reality (AR) technology is a rapidly growing, transformative segment of the marketplace with training and other applications here or in development. We offer an overview of how AR can be applied within your organization.

Decoding Quality Management Systems

In their efforts to decrease costs, improve customer loyalty and extend brand reputation, organizations need a holistic, long-term view of enterprise quality management systems.

Leveraging Anonymized Patient Level Data to Detect Hidden Market Potential

Longitudinal analysis of anonymized patient level data (APLD) is a powerful tool for assessing patient experience on a granular level that will lead to better treatment outcomes and increased life sciences market penetration.

Enterprise Social: Your Future Neural Network

Organizations can use internal social platforms to unlock their potential, break down hierarchies and foster a collaborative and open culture.

Digital and Personal: Future‑Proofing Airport Operations and Services

By applying Code Halo™ thinking and the Internet of Things (IoT), airports can make meaning from the digital data generated by passengers, employees, devices and processes, enabling them to create highly personalized, "just in time" travel services, deepen insights across the airport value chain, tighten safety and security and grow revenue.

Pervasive Analytics: Measuring the Impact of a Celebrity Direct‑to‑Customer Campaign in Pharma

Pharmaceuticals companies using celebrity direct‑to‑customer (DTC) campaigns need an analytics system of computing potential ROI based on the right set of variables.

Asia Rising: Digital Driving

Executives seeking a digital business advantage should take a page from the playbook written by leaders across the Asia‑Pacific region, according to finding from our primary research.

A Framework to Speed Manufacturing’s Digital Business Transformation

Manufacturers must fully embrace social, mobile, analytics and cloud technologies to achieve the operational excellence, agility, innovation and customer centricity required to remain relevant with customers and the entire manufacturing ecosystem.